Workshops and Retreat Sessions

Spirit dolls and Medicine bundles

It’s time to ask yourself……What medicine do I need right now? What message would I like to hear right now? Maybe its about beginnings as we start this journey, maybe its about change or new decisions ? In this workshop you will be guided to seek out those messages, and use those words as the basis for a magical bundle of medicine that you can wear everyday.

In the magical city of Prague, we will work together to create secret spells and bring to life our own medicine. Using found objects, personal ephemera (which you can bring from home), fabric, beads and ribbon, you can explore the process of creating a spirit doll, a totem of our essential human-ness, and a physical manifestation of our time together in Prague.

Starting with the bare bones-sticks, wire, card, paper, whatever you are called to use for her skeleton you will build and embellish along the way, you might create a headdress or dress or robes…….
There is something magical and tender in the process of wrapping and swaddling a human form. As we cover and bundle the bare bones an inner unravelling can take place.

Please bring small pieces of fabric, ribbon, beads and anything meaningful that could be incorporated into your doll. Please also bring something small to swap with a workshop participant that can be incorporated into their spirit doll. You will also have access to my stash of treasure, collected by me and full of vintage/hand dyed fabric, sari ribbon and buttons.